Full Service Design

For those living in Austin I offer a full service design option which includes, among other personalized services: trips to your home, joint shopping trips (if you wish), in person meetings, and custom design creation.

Full service design services are available for all your projects, whether small scale or large.

  • Space Planning
  • Finish, Furniture, Fabric, Art, and Accessory Selection
  • Color Planning and Selection
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • Custom Rug Design


The Process


For the design process to succeed, there is some information that I will need to get from you, such as:

  1. How the space is used
  2. Preferences as to style, color, and design
  3. Your budget
  4. Your time frame


The first step in the process is for you to complete the questionnaire that I send you, and also to compile an "inspiration" folder of photos (either online photos or ones taken from magazines) that show me what you like, whether it's furniture, colors, styles, design ideas, landscaping, art, etc.

Next, we will schedule a meeting at your home to determine your budget, time frame, and taste preferences.  At this meeting we'll review your questionnaire and "inspiration" photos.

Billing is on an hourly basis.

Purchases can be made through me, over the internet, or on your own. Any purchases made through me will be substantially discounted. You will also have access to the Austin Design Showrooms.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and needs. I'll be happy to quote you an hourly rate.


Designs Out of the Box

This is an option for those living outside of Austin, but also for clients in Austin who prefer a streamlined and more economical way to work with a professional interior designer.

In place of personal meetings and trips to your home, we work over the phone and using email and the internet.

Billing is on a flat fee basis and depends on the number and type of rooms involved, as well as the level of service. It can include anything from space planning a single room to a total house redo.

Please see the Designs Out of the Box page for more detailed information.


Phone: 512-633-3945 Email:


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