OUT of the BOX

"Out of the Box"

Have you ever wished someone could put together everything you would need to redo your room, or even your whole home, and all you had to do was simply open a gift box to see your vision come to life?   And to do it at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion? 

That’s what my “Designs Out of the Box” plan was created to do. 

It’s a plan where we work together over the internet and the phone. I'll put together your plan and mail it back to you in a design box containing fabric samples, paint chips, photos of furniture and accessories that you can order, choices of interior finishes, window covering ideas and perhaps most importantly, a floor plan to make the best use of your space.


Who it is For

The "Designs Out of the Box" Service works for clients who:

  • Would prefer to use professional design services, but don't have the need, the time, or the budget for a full service designer
  • Live out of town, or can't meet in person for other reasons
  • Prefer to receive a full plan all at one time
  • Want to know the design charges before beginning

And it’s for anyone who wants professional design services to help transform their own design esthetic into a comprehensive plan, down to the details.


How it Works

After I receive your request for information form, I will email you a questionnaire. I ask that you return it to me along with “inspiration” photos of rooms, furniture, colors, window coverings, accessories, etc. This will help me better understand your tastes and style preferences. I also need digital photos of the room(s) we’ll be working on, as well as measurements. I'll explain to you how to take accurate measurements.  If you live in Austin and want me to take the measurements I can arrange to do that.  Once I know the scope of your project, I'd be happy to quote you a flat fee.

We’ll confer over the phone and through email regarding your design vision, the scope of your project, and your budget.   You will receive the entire plan at one time, so that you can decide to do everything at once, or you can implement the design plan at your own pace as your budget allows.

Most importantly, you’ll always be working toward a final design concept, namely the professionally designed plan we created with your vision in mind.



If you like, you can purchase the specified items through me, at a discount, but you aren’t obligated to do so. Items specified will contain as much pricing and purchasing information as possible.

With all the online shopping sites available, as well as chain stores such as Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware, it doesn't matter whether or not you live in Austin.


Combine with Full Design Services

If you'd like to combine the "Designs Out of the Box" option with some in-person consultation on an hourly basis, I'd be happy to work that way with you.

 Please contact me so we can discuss your ideas and your needs, and to discuss pricing options.


Phone: 512-633-3945 Email:


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